The champion of crypto wallets – MetaMask meets bitcci
12 Oct 2020 | 09:13 AM

The champion of crypto wallets – MetaMask meets bitcci

“Our mission is to make Ethereum as easy to use for as many people as possible.” – MetaMask

Popular Ethereum wallet, MetaMask, crossed this September the one million active monthly users mark thanks to the tremendous growth in the DeFi space. MetaMask is a product of ConsenSys, first launched in 2016 as a browser extension. Reportedly, America, India, Nigeria, and the Philippines are the countries with the most users. The year-to-date growth in the use of MetaMask is 400%.

Who is MetaMask?
The MetaMask Wallet is a young digital wallet which can be used as an add-on for your Google Chrome browser and meanwhile some other browsers. In September this year they finally launched their smartphone app which support Apple Pay, and other supported payment options.  In fact, the wallet is a decentralized app (DApp), which supposedly offers very strong advantages especially for experienced users of the MetaMask Coins (Ethereum).

MetaMask Wallet Pros

  • Can be easily used as an add-on via Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Brave Browser
  • Very popular wallet with high reputation
  • High safety standards
  • Mobile version available
  • MetaMask Wallet transaction fees adjustable manually

MetaMask meets bitcci – Pay per click

Simply put, MetaMask is a lovely extension that allows bitcci users to pay for services inside the bitcci ecosystem fast and easy.  We’ve already embedded a “Pay with Metamask” button within our interface. Once all bitcci services (Portals, Apps & Cloud) are fully live (Q1 / 2021) you can see the magic yourself.

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